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Ladies Gym - Goal Setting
The Mytrak system/technolgy at our Ladies Gym is state of the art in its interactivity with the Member. Ladies can actually see their results each day, when, after swiping their card on the central Kiosk a new daily sculptured image of their body appears which summarises their workout and shows their physical improvement on screen.
Your card summarises your daily workout and automatically adjusts each machines' resistance to help the lady achieve her Goals. When you combine all this with our Personal Motivator/Goal Setter you have a 'Brilliant Cocktail of Goal Setting Strategies'.
Finally test out FREE the Unique Transion 'Instant Inch Loss' Machine which will dramatically lose you inches and sculpture your body; apparently 10 mins use is same as doing 300+ situps. All the stars are using it !!

FREE DEMONSTRATIONS of everything at The Ladies Gym at HipKidz.
Just call us on 091381653 to book a time for your Free Trials or call into us anytime. Bring your kids along if you want and we'll look after them in HipKidz while you are getting yourself Fit in our Unique Ladies Gym.
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